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Premium Microslides for Microarrays
Erie Scientific adds premium microslides for microarrays to their microarray product line, which includes: SuperChip Slides¢â, aminopropylsilane coated slides; UltraClean¢â, premium slides ready to coat with your chemistry; and BioGold¢â, gold coated substrates.
Also available: 3Dimension APS, Poly-L-Lysine, and Epoxy Coated microarray slides.


Manufactured from our highest quality low fluorescence glass, our microarray slides have consistent, superior surface uniformity and assured slide to slide reproducibility in spotting and hybridization performance. Our complete control of manufacturing parameters from sand, to slide, to attachment chemistry, results in slides which bind an optimal amount of probe, minimize nonspecific binding of labeled targets, assure high density of reactive groups and eliminates virtually all surface artifacts.

Compatible with commercial microarray spotting and detection systems, our microarray slides are the solution for high surface consistency with reproducible spot size, shape, and signal intensity. All Erie products are quality controlled to meet exacting quality performance to ensure results you can count on.

DNA array protocol for SuperChip¢â aminosilane slides using PCR products as probes »



The Next Generation in Microarray Slide Handling.
bake - block - denature - centrifuge - de-rack -
hybridize - apply - post wash - store

mSeries LifterSlips features:

 Immerse 20 slides in liquids during blocking, denaturating, and       post-arraying
 Separates and prevents slide damage during shipping
 and processing
 Optimally designed rack spacing for easy slide removal
 Fits standard microtiter plate format for centrifuging
 Manufactured to prevent slide contamination
 Convenient removable handle available

Secure, Convenient and Efficient.

Technical Details:

 Material: Polypropylene
 Maximum continuous use temperature: 220°F
 Melting point: 334°F
 mBox withstands boiling water without softening


mSeries LifterSlip ¢â

Erie¡¯s got you covered!
Solving the problem of hybridization non-uniformity.

mSeries LifterSlips¢â are manufactured from 1 mm thick glass specifically drawn for flatness and superior surface quality. The 1 mm thickness has increased stiffness that reduces variation in hybridization fluid volume. Precise ink printing provides an innovative raised edge design for consistent dispersal and easy injection of hybridization solution under the pre-positioned lifterslip.

mSeries LifterSlips features:

 1 mm thick glass
 Uniform dispersal of hybridization solution
 Reduced hybridization fluid volume variations
 Superior flatness?substrate does not flex or bow
 Precision-cut edges
 Superior surface quality
 Consistent flatness

Standard sizes available: Please call 1-888-ERIE-SCI (1-888-374-3724)
Custom sizes, bar widths and personalization are also available.

 Hybridization Protocols »
LifterSlip¢â Hybridization Protocol Illustrations »



Offers a simple solution to the problem of hybridization non-uniformity.
An innovative raised edge design provides separation and allows for even dispersal of hybridization solutions between the DNA chip and coverslip.

Standard sizes available: Cat No: 22x25I-2-4635, 22x30I-2-4734, 22x40I-2-4710, 22x50I-2-4711 and 25x60I-2-4789

Custom sizes, bar widths and personalization are alsoavailable.

 Hybridization Protocols »
LifterSlip¢â Hybridization Protocol Illustrations